Cashflow Driven Investing

Alpha Real Capital has a strong focus on Cashflow Driven Investing (CDI). CDI strategies are becoming increasingly attractive to defined benefit pension schemes as they approach maturity.

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What is Cashflow Driven Investing (“CDI”)?

CDIs are assets which provide an index-linked or nominal, contractual, secure cashflow with a yield pickup over government bonds. CDI strategies are becoming increasingly attractive to defined benefit pension schemes as they approach maturity, together with other real money investors with implicit or explicit liabilities. Pension schemes are looking to CDI as they seek to generate an appropriate level of investment returns to meet their liabilities as they fall due.

Advantages of CDI for DB pension schemes


1) Improving portfolio diversification and portfolio efficiency

Assets that generate secure cashflows, have different return drivers to liquid return-seeking assets such as equities. Adding these to a portfolio can improve its risk-adjusted return. For example, increasing a portfolio’s allocation to CDI from a combination of LDI and return‑seeking assets has the potential to achieve the same expected return at a lower level of risk (or vice versa).

2) Enhancing the cashflow yield of the portfolio

If Trustees shift some of their portfolio from low-yielding LDI they can significantly improve the cashflow yield of their portfolio, which is particularly valuable for cashflow negative pension schemes. This can help to mitigate the need to sell down more volatile risky assets at inopportune moments; crystallising losses in a falling market, which can have a significant adverse impact overtime.

Further, having a higher cashflow yield also helps reduce a Trustee’s governance burden from making disinvestment decisions as well as potentially reducing transaction costs, including commissions and spreads.

3) Increasing security and predictability of cashflows

CDIs generate secure, predictable cashflows (relative to cashflows generated by traditional return-seeking assets) which is important in planning future member benefit payments.

4) Yield pickup above liabilities

CDIs generate a yield above liabilities, unlike government bonds, CDIs can help to close the funding gap in underfunded schemes, whilst still providing a high degree of income security.