Alpha Real Renewables

Alpha Real Capital is an investment services group focused on income security from real assets. We invest in asset‑backed income from real estate, infrastructure, and lending, with an emphasis on long income and inflation protection.

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Alpha Real Renewables invests in all forms of renewable energy infrastructure including wind, solar, hydro and other renewable energy resources.

Alpha Real Renewables invests at all stages of the evolution of a renewables project:

  • development opportunities,
  • the build-out of existing consented projects and
  • the acquisition of standing, energised investments.

Alpha Real Renewables is a long-term investor and can undertake projects wholly with equity or a combination of debt and equity.  The team also provides debt finance to renewables projects.

We have the ability to work flexibly including through development partnerships and long-term co-ownership.

Currently our operational portfolio of over 100MW of installed capacity at over 53 projects across the UK, has been operating at over 97% availability and contributes significantly to the UK’s decarbonization efforts.


In 2018, Alpha Real Renewables team launched the Wind Renewables Income Fund, which is available to institutional investors: