About us

Alpha Real Capital is an investment services group focused on income security from real assets. We invest in asset‑backed income from real estate, infrastructure, and lending, with an emphasis on long income and inflation protection.

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Alpha Real Capital is an investment services group focused on income security from real assets. We invest in asset‑backed income from real estate, infrastructure, and lending, with an emphasis on long income and inflation protection.

Alpha has a 120 plus strong professional team with over £3.6 billion of assets under management.

Established in 2005, Alpha is jointly owned by Phillip Rose, members of the Alpha management team and companies ultimately owned by the PS Gower Personal Settlement.

We look for long term relationships with our investment partners, tenants, lenders and other stakeholders.

Source: Alpha Real Capital. Data as at 30 June 2019.

Alpha operates across diversified investment markets: listed and unlisted property vehicles, open and closed-ended property vehicles, UK and international funds, working with large institutional investors as well as private investors, family offices and wealth managers.

Alpha also owns TIME Investments, its authorised wealth management investment solutions arm which acquired the real estate investment management business of Close Brothers Group.


What makes us different?

Independently owned and managed by its partners, Alpha thinks independently and acts responsively. We focus on capital and income security, income longevity and inflation protection, including Cashflow Driven Investing strategies. Alpha utilises original research not only to identify strategic opportunities for enhanced returns, but also to strengthen the evaluation and control of risk.

This unique perspective has shaped our investment platforms and enabled investors to benefit from our ability to bring together specialist sector knowledge, industry connectivity and proactive management to originate, finance and manage real asset-backed investment opportunities.